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The Independent Forklift Company Ltd (TIFCL) provide the following forklift servicing options for our clients. These include:

Charge Up

In simple terms this is where TIFCL charges its clients for all forklift servicing needs including supplying parts and the technician labour to do this. Following our recommended service intervals ensure preventative maintenance costs are kept in check.

Fixed Price

Rather than charging based on time and parts, TIFCL can provide fixed monthly price servicing so that your maintenance costs are known. Whilst following our recommended service intervals.


As well as forklift servicing, we offer fully maintained lease options through our lease company: Independent Forklift Leasing Ltd

To enable us to deliver the highest service possible our service department provides:
  • TIFCL service staff located in Nelson/West Coast, Christchurch, Timaru & Dunedin
  • Full mobile servicing backed up by workshops for those bigger jobs
  • 24/7 breakdown service including full network of agents and outwork providers
  • Back up through our own extensive spare parts department
  • Full historical information stored for easy access and reference including access to similar machines

We take great pride in the relationships we have with our many suppliers throughout the country. Without our suppliers and service agents we would not be able to deliver the high standard of service we aim to achieve.

Forklift Service
Forklift Service
Forklift Service

WOF / Registration

If your forklift operates in an area where the public has access, then you should have a WOF and Registration on your forklift. There are initial set up costs associated, however ongoing inspection and relicence costs are very cost effective and ensures your forklifts are operating in the highest standard possible. WOF inspections can be completed on your site.

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