Toyota Cargo Van

Toyota Hiace vans have been fantastic service vehicles for our fleet and have performed extremely well for us.

This is one of four Hiaces we have for sale .

The van is factory silver with three seats in the front, 5-speed manual transmission, factory radio, good tyres, top-swung rear door and sliding doors on both LHS & RHS

Fleet#: Van-2
WOF Expiry: DKJ589
Reg Expiry: 13/11/19
Rego#: 23/02/20
Make: Toyota
Model: Hiace 2.5TDZL VAN 5M 3SEAT
Year: 2006
Machine Hours: Speedo = 233,570 (Current)
Fuel Types: Diesel
Tyre Size Drive: 195R15C
Tyre Size Steer: 195R15C
Price: $14,000 + GST ($16,100)